In case we’ve never met...

Hi I’m Julie Marie!


I’m a certified formulator/skincare creator, candy creator and baker. These are my passions in life.

I have been formulating since 2015, I had no idea what this knowledge was going to do for my life at that time. I started out formulating skincare, but now have figured out a way to incorporate it with recipes. EEKKKK!!!


I am also an ingredients junkie!!

I love growing and expanding my skills all the time. I plan to continue to expand my resources, and as always to share with you you all the magical things I create! Be prepared for foods, mindset and whatever else comes up along the way. I look forward to learning more myself and growing your knowledge all at the same time.

My mission is to empower you to not only believe, but act on the firm realization that you can feel better from the inside out.

Starting with the foods you put in your mouth, the thoughts that cross your mind and investing in yourself. By constantly learning and growing, in turn your confidence will grow to different heights, and you will be amazed at how this will change your entire life.


Knowledge is power.

Through my teachings, you’ll be empowered with a new way of thinking. I have infused my website with love, fun and prosperity. You’ll have the power to know you get to take your life back and give back to others all at the same time. I am so excited to meet you inside my world.


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